The Circle of Life ….

Have you ever wondered what it is about the curve of an archway or a round window that makes your interior space feel transformed and inviting? Thats because it’s our natural response to what is in and all around us. We identify with the these great symbols that influence our lives, the sun, the planets and the fruit we eat. By bringing these organic shapes into our homes we make a natural connection to that.

As a designer I’m always attracted to these natural curves and diagonals ….why is that? Well, it’s the shape that provides energy and movement to the interior of a home and if you find these elements already present in your home there is a natural lead that helps your design process.

I love designing in small spaces , as it’s a challenge and a process… The use of curves helps to soften square corners and creates an easiness of flow. Corners take up space too !

Mirrors, tables, ottomans, rugs and pot plants …there are endless ways of how to move and improve your space. Try it out and see if you felt a change …

Wall Coverings

I must admit it’s taken me time to fully appreciate the great value of quality wallpaper. As we move on from the great big bold patterns and palm leaves there’s a great beauty and subtlety of the metalic, matte And grass textured-finishes. This timeless feel and one that is not committed to a present day trend. The contemporary look of these creates a feel that just settles nicely into a back drop, adding to the layers of the space but not having to be too bold.